Harassment Announcement


On October 17, 2017 a woman in the classroom accused me of sexually harassing another.

Since starting my own CPA firm in 1972, I have had a zero-tolerance harassment office policy. Being accused of sexual harassment after 47 years of practice was deeply shocking to me. I readily admit to kissing a student at our first break but this wasn’t the person that accused me of sexual harassment! The harassment claim was made by a woman observing the kiss from a distance who was not even within hearing range of the conversation. I immediately turned the claim over to our H.R. independent consultant for investigation. This investigation has been completed and turned over to my attorney. All involved parties may request a copy of the report proving my innocence. Three sponsors believe the accuser, not the independent investigator, and I will not be working for them in the future. But I will never kiss a student again!

I have new sponsors and will hopefully be in your area again this fall. In addition, your continuing education from these sponsors is backed up with my risk-free 100% Money Back Guarantee for the entire 2018 year. Tax planning and tax preparation will never be the same after the Tax Reform Act. I guarantee to you personally these tax changes will be easy to understand and implement as I continue to work hard to provide you first class materials and presentations. I promise!

Love and kisses…Vern

VHTS Money-Back Guarantee

We will do everything we can to make the online education process user-friendly and informative for you, but if you find that the online environment or Vern’s courses don’t work for you, then simply contact Support (e-mail: support@hoven.com), or phone: (877)-830-9421 and let them know you were unsatisfied and would like your money back. We will initiate a return of funds to your credit card. For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact our offices at (877)-830-9421.