Audio/Video & Room Setup
Instructions for Vern

Vern’s Federal Tax Update courses use “multimedia” presentation technology
(on PowerPoint) – at no additional cost to your Society – when held in a multimedia-friendly presentation room. They bring the LCD projector and any related equipment if your meeting room is physically compatible for such presentations.

Your members will love learning cutting-edge tax planning ideas through this electrifying educational delivery system!

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Download Specifications for
Rooms with 1 Aisle
Download Specifications for
Rooms with 2 Aisles

Please send these room set-up instructions to
the hotel when making room reservations.

Although this may look like a lot of work, it’s worth it for the students’ educational experience.


  1. A 10-foot by 10-foot (or 12-foot by 12-foot) screen with the base of the screen elevated a minimum of 5 feet from the floor is optimum (e.g., 3-foot stand plus 2-foot platform). Therefore, a 16 to 18-foot ceiling is required.
  2. Locate the screen in the middle of the front wall (not in one of the corners).
    • Screen needs to be 20 to 25 feet in front of the LCD projector.

Front-of-Room Setup

  1. One 2′ x 8′ (approximate) skirted table (for the LCD projector and laptop) located 20′-25′ (depending on the number of attendees) back from the elevated screen. A 12″x12″x12″ linen-covered box (e.g., a milk crate) is needed to elevate the LCD projector. An extension cord from the table to the electrical outlet is needed for the projector and laptop.
  2. Bar stool for instructor (no podium or lectern).
  3. Both direct and indirect lighting must be eliminated from shining on the screen. (should be no windows in room).
  4. Adequate lighting (probably augmented with spotlights) should be on the projector table and speaker’s “pacing” area, without impacting the screen. Lack of lighting on the presenter can result in participants complaining they can’t “hear” the speaker. Really!)

Sound System

  1. Hotel sound system should be “multi-media” compatible (e.g., + cordless microphone required for speaker and + laptop’s sound system should be compatible with, and connected to, the hotel’s sound system).

Classroom Style Set-up

  1. Room should be setup classroom-style (chevron-style, if possible), with the first row located as close to the screen as possible (the first row can be in front of the projector, a minimum of 10 to 16 feet). Because of the large-size manuals, maximum three chairs per 8-foot table is preferred.
  2. Adequate lighting in the “attendee section” is essential.
  3. Please match the size of the room with the size of the audience; avoid setting up for more attendees than anticipated (too large of a room or too many empty chairs drains energy out of the room!). Extra chairs along the back wall is recommended for late arrivals or those wanting to get up during the session.
  4. A long, narrow room is better than a wide, flat room.


Download Room Set-up Instructions


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