Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions about Vern’s online CPE courses and registration are answered in this area. If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Customer Support via our web form.


Q: How often does Vern update his online CPE courses?
A: Because tax law changes on a regular and on-going basis, you can be assured that the course(s) you purchase are up-to-date and accurate. All of Vern’s Federal Tax Update online CPE courses will be revised and completely updated every year, in November, in order to prepare you and your firm for the upcoming tax season. Vern’s online CPE courses dedicated to specific topics (e.g., Medical Plans in the Business) will be revised as changes occur; or as these topics do not often go through rapid change, they will be updated every two years.

Q: What’s the process for taking Vern’s online CPE course(s)?
A: We at Vern Hoven Tax Seminars have worked hard to make the process easy and user-friendly. Please read our System Requirements page.

Simply click the “Add to Cart button following the description of each or any of the online CPE courses you’d like to view; fill out the order form; then create your username and password.

When you login to your account with your username and password, all the courses you’ve purchased are available for viewing. Click on “My Courses” to begin the class you’d like to take first. On the course page there are the links you will need for downloading the course manual in a .PDF format (which you will want to do before beginning the course); taking the review exam and final exam; checking your exam scores; and evaluating the course after completion.

Q: Does Vern provide a course manual with his self-study courses?
A: Absolutely! The course manual is yours to save to your computer and keep; it’s a wonderful resource for the tax season, full of active hyperlinks to pertinent Tax Codes and referenced Cases and Rulings. Plus, use the Find function, and search for keywords or phrases most important to you and your clients (like alimony, or Health Savings Accounts).

Please note that Vern’s self-study course manuals often contain significantly more material (and therefore, pages) than the course manual for his live seminar. To avoid confusion, we encourage you to only use the online course manual when taking Vern’s self-study courses, and NOT your colleague’s live seminar manual.

Q: It’s the middle of the night on a weekend. Can I still purchase and/or watch Vern’s online CPE course(s)?
A: Of course! The system is set-up for 24/7 access. When you purchase Vern’s course(s), you can watch Vern’s courses at your convenience night or day!

Q: What sort of computer hardware/software requirements are there for watching Vern’s online CPE courses?
A: Please read our System Requirements page.

Q: How do Vern’s streaming video courses work?
A: Self-study coursework offers you several advantages: you can purchase a course and start learning immediately, you can study when it’s convenient for you, you can review different sections at your discretion, and you can take exams online and get instant results via e-mail. But now, Vern’s online Federal Tax Update self-study courses make self-study even better!

With streaming video technology, you get the best of both worlds—you’ll feel like you’re in the classroom with a live instructor, and you’ll receive all the benefits of self-study. Here’s how it works…

We simulate a live teaching environment with what we call a “three-pane environment.” In the first pane (window), you can see Vern Hoven, one of America’s premier tax presenters, as he tells you about the most recent tax law changes. The second pane displays his PowerPoint slides, synchronized with his discussion of each topic, just as in a live seminar setting. And, finally, in the third pane, you can easily follow along with Vern’s full text manual, topic by topic, and actually link to Web sites that contain important IRS Code sections and pertinent cases and rulings while you’re learning.

With the new Federal Tax Update Streaming Video, you can:

  • start and stop the video at will,
  • replay a section or the entire video as often as you like,
  • complete review sections at your convenience,
  • experience “live-like” instruction when and where you want,
  • access important Web sites as you study, and
  • take exams and receive CPE credits online as you complete modules.

With this kind of built-in versatility, our interactive self-study courses might just trump a live seminar! Bring Vern Hoven and his superb annual update right into your room – on your terms and schedule.

Q: I’ve forgotten my Username and/or Password. What should I do?
A: If you are logged in, please click this link to reset your password. Call us at (253) 265-1040 during regular business hours.

If you’ve forgotten your Username, you will need to call us.

Q: I would like my whole office to take Vern’s online CPE course(s). Do you offer group discounts?
A: Yes! We offer a 20% discount for groups of 5 or more people who take The Complete Federal Tax Update course. Please e-mail ( or call (253/265-1040) our office during normal business hours, and we will set you up with a discount code.

Q: How long do I have to take the online CPE course(s) I purchase?
A: You will have one year to complete your course(s), from the date of purchase. In your account, your courses will be listed with the purchase date and expiration date, so that you are always aware of how much time you have left.

Q: What score do I need to earn in order to pass the online CPE exam?
A: In accordance with NASBA standards, you need to receive a 70% on your final exam in order to receive CPE credit.

Q: How many times can I take the CPE exam?
A: You will have an unlimited amount of chances to take the final exam. After a passing grade of 70% – your course will be complete.

Q: How do I receive my Certificate of Completion for my online CPE course(s)?
A: When you log in to your account, all of your courses will be listed. Click “Download” in the certificate column to download your certificate. Certificates are only available after you complete a course.

When you successfully pass a course, you will be directed to your online Certificate of Completion. Please make sure that your computer is attached to a working printer. (If you have any difficulties printing, you can contact Vern Hoven Tax Seminars during regular business hours.)

Q: How soon will I receive my Certificate of Completion for my online CPE course(s)?
A: Your Certificate of Completion will be available immediately upon successful completion of any course.

Q: I was registered for one of Vern’s live presentations, but was unable to attend. The CPA Society suggested that I take Vern’s online course. I’ve already paid the Society. How do I take Vern’s online CPE course without having to pay again?
A:The CPA Society will provide you with a discount code, supplied to them by Vern Hoven Tax Seminars.

Under “Online Self-Study Courses” click on “View Course Listings.” Then, click on “Complete Bundle Details” in “The Complete Federal Tax Update Course” box. Add “The Complete Federal Tax Update Course” to your cart. Or click here to go to the The Complete Federal Tax Update description page. When you go to purchase the course, add the discount code. With the code, you will not need to pay for the course(s) a second time.

Q: What is your Return and Refund Policy?
A: We will do everything we can to make the online education process user-friendly and informative for you, but if you find that the online environment or Vern’s courses don’t work for you, then simply contact Support (e-mail:, phone: 253-265-1040) and let them know you were unsatisfied and would like your money back. They will initiate a return of funds to your credit card.

Vern Hoven Tax Seminars will NOT be able to return funds for any course that has been successfully completed.

Q: Do you have a Complaint Resolution Policy?
A: Complaints can be submitted by contacting Support (e-mail:, phone: 253-265-1040). Complaints regarding accessing course materials and/or certificates will be addressed immediately if submitted during business hours. Complaints regarding course content will be addressed internally as appropriate or forwarded to Vern.

Still Have Questions? Please Contact Us.