Online Course System Requirements

General Requirements

Internet Connection & Pop-Up Blockers:

You will need a high-speed internet connection (at least 282k or faster) to enjoy Vern’s online courses. Our courses work well with Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, but please make sure you turn off your pop-up blockers.

  • The Vern Hoven Tax Seminars’ online self-study CPE courses use a pop-up window for our interactive Review Questions. If you have pop-up blocker(s) installed, you will need to disable them.
  • If you have a Google toolbar on your web browser, you may need to “Allow pop-ups from” You can do this by clicking on the down arrow next to the Allow Pop-Ups icon on the Google Toolbar at the top of your web browser window.

Adobe Reader:

To best utilize the Self-Study Course Manual, which we encourage you download and save to your computer – it’s a wonderful tax reference during the busy tax season – we highly recommend you upgrade your Adobe Reader to the latest version, which can read certain IRS web site hyperlinks that older Adobe Reader (pre 7.0) versions cannot.


When you successfully pass a course, you will be directed to an online Certificate of Completion. Please make sure that your computer is attached to a working printer. You will only have one chance to print the Certificate of Completion. (If you have any difficulties printing, please contact Vern Hoven Tax Seminars during regular business hours.)

Self-Study Video on Demand (VOD) Requirements

Media Player:

Free Media Player – We currently offer courses using two different media players, Silverlight and Flash (we made the switch in November of 2010 to Flash). When you click on the “Watch Video Now” link, a window will open up that will tell you which player is necessary for viewing that course. To watch any of the online courses, you will need one of these two free media players. If you already have these players on your computer, you may want to check that you have the most current edition, as having an older version might disrupt the viewing quality.

Webcast Requirements


  • Use of Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 5+, or Safari 4.0 +.
  • Security and privacy settings set to allow Adobe Connect to run.
  • Flash security settings set to allow communication with Adobe Connect servers.
  • Pop-up blockers set to allow Adobe Connect domains.
  • Adobe Flash plug-in version 8 or higher installed.
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or better.
  • Speaker or headphones and a sound card capable of playing streaming audio.
  • Processor speed of 1.0 GHz or better with 512 MB RAM.
  • Recommended Internet Connection Speed: 1.0 Mbps


  • Flash Player plug-in: Our Webcasts take advantage of Adobe Flash Player for streaming video. Flash Player can be installed free of charge.
  • Acrobat Reader: Handouts are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. Acrobat Reader is a free download.

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